Optional and Useful Muay Thai Equipment For Training

Optional and Useful Equipement Muay Thai For Training

While far from what you’d consider as one of the essentials, the equipment found in the list below can be a well-worthy investment for anyone who plans on taking their Muay Thai training seriously.


  • Muay Thai shorts
    Thai box shortIt’s important for Muay Thai training. It’s help movement easier. Help for training kicking with freely swing. Also, it’s original of Muay Thai training. It’s help to touch fighting’s feel. Authentic Muay Thai shortfrom Thailand would be the best choice. Best quality and reasonable Muay Thai Shorts.
  • Ankle supports. Beginners and amateurs rarely wear these, but you’d have a hard time looking for a professional Muay Thai that doesn’t find ankle supports useful. Sitting tightly around the foot, ankle supports offer a lot more comfort to the feet and ankles as you move around. They also keep the joints nice and warm, which helps you move around better and make it less likely that you’ll injure your tendons while sparring or practicing. This tiny bit of protection, while not an essential, could help you get a few extra hours out of your weekly training sessions.
  • Hand wraps and inner gloves. These work similar to ankle supports, in that hand wraps and inner gloves secure the hands nice and tight. This adds a welcome layer of protection from the tremendous pressure of all the punching, helping minimize the risk of injury. Hand wraps, though, can be a little bit bulky for some. If that is the case for you, you can switch to inner gloves, which provide less protection, but still protect the ones and are generally quicker to put on, and much more comfortable to spar or practice in.
  • Compression shorts and briefs. Again, these pieces of Muay Thai equipment work similarly to ankle supports and hand wraps, or inner gloves. By wearing compression shorts and briefs, you help keep your body warm. They also allow you to train more comfortably and make sure that your thighs do not rub together. This helps prevent unnecessary friction and burns, allowing you to train a bit more. While this does not happen to everyone, wearing compression shorts and briefs is worth a shot just to see if it improves your mobility, as well as comfort, while training or even while in the ring.
  • Elbows and knee pads. If you’re new to Muay Thai, your trainer won’t probably recommend that you buy an elbow or knee pad. This is because strikes using such points aren’t usually taught at an early stage, and even when they do, using them in sparring matches between beginners is discouraged. Still, if you plan taking Muay Thai seriously in the months to come, you’ll want to have elbows and knee pads ready always in your bag so you can train using your elbows and knees safely, as well as effectively.
  • Athletic tape. You can use the tape to prevent your shin guards from sliding up or down while training, or you can also use it to tape your gloves shut. You can also use the tapes to wrap up your hands to provide additional protection, or you can also use the tapes for a sprained ankle. Either way, athletic tapes, while not truly essential, are quite useful when training in Muay Thai.

You won’t miss any one of these as much as you would other more essential training equipment. However, all of the Muay Thai equipment found on this list are quite useful and should go a long way in in helping you get more out of your training sessions.

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