What Muay Thai Gloves To Buy

If you are dead set on training in Muay Thai, then you’ll need to have a comfortable fitting pair of Muay Thai gloves.

Having one just makes your training go a lot easier, while at the same time, it also minimizes your risk of injury as well. However, choosing a Muay Thai gloves is not that easy, especially for beginners who’re easily tempted to buy just according to brand, or even buy a boxing glove thinking that they’re one and the same.


Notable Brand Names

While buying according to brand rarely is the only factor that one should consider when buying anything, especially Muay Thai gloves, the brand name does play an important factor.

When buying a pair of gloves, you’ll want to take note of the brands Twins and Top King. These two brands are the most popular choice among Nak Muay in Thailand. Though, it may simply be because they’re the cheapest among the more well-known brands, and are the most widely available, being sold in just about every gym and store in Thailand.

Raja, Yokkao and Boon, while less popular, are brands that are notable for their high quality construction, better fit and other extra features. Of course, they sell for far higher prices, but if you’re big on Muay Thai, you’ll find that a better fit will be well worth the additional price.

Fairtex is another brand worth mentioning that also sells high-quality Muay Thai gloves.

Venum, Hayabusa or Rival are also good picks. Though, they are MMA brands, the gloves they sell will work out quite nicely for those who’re still starting in Muay Thai. Also, because some of those who practice Muay Thai do eventually move on to MMA or Kickboxing, it’d be a good idea to have such gloves ready just in case you plan on switching to either one of the said combat sports.

Why Some Gloves Are More Expensive

The main reason why some Muay Thai gloves are more expensive is not because of the brand name, but rather, because of the higher quality of construction. Not only are most of these more expensive gloves made out of better materials, they also offer a much tighter fit. The tighter the fit, the better the wrist support and the lesser the risk of injury.

Still, the fit is quite subjective, so you’ll want to try out the gloves yourself first.

If it is your first time shopping for high-quality Muay Thai gloves, you’ll want to buy them from a physical location so you can try them on and see the fit for yourself. The difference between cheap gloves and the ones that are more expensive should be evident the first time you try to make the switch.

The padding is also something worth taking note of, as more expensive Muay Thai gloves have double or even triple the padding than normal.

A combination of thick paddings and a tight, comfortable fit will allow you to feel less pressure from each punch you throw while you practice or fight, and at the same time, also minimizing the risk for sprains and other injuries.

Once you’ve tried out the gloves enough and you’ve found one that you feel suits your needs, do not be afraid to spend on it – or else, you’ll just regret it once you get injured from using a low quality, cheap pair of gloves.

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