What Are The Most Important Muay Thai Equipment For Beginners

Muay Thai is a combat sport that’s based around using eight points of contact throughout the whole body, mainly the hard joints and bones. Considering their sharpness and strength, it is vital that for anyone who plans on taking up such a combat sport have the necessary equipment to avoid injury and at the same time, make the most out of their training sessions.

While, of course, the level of your training will have a huge effect on what equipment you’ll need, there are some items that are an absolute necessity, especially for beginners.


The list below contains most of what beginners would need to start practicing Muay Thai safely and effectively:

  1. Boxing gloves

The gloves are THE MOST important item when it comes to Muay Thai – bar none. They protect your hands from damage, and your sparring partner from injury, two things vital to getting the most out of your training.

Regular boxing gloves will work just fine for beginners, especially since you’ll mostly only be focusing on bag work and pad work. As you progress, however, you’ll want to buy a pair of Muay Thai gloves, specifically 10oz and 16oz ones. The latter would be best suited for sparring, while the former for drills.

If you plan to take part in amateur and eventually, professional fights, you’ll want to slowly get used to using and taking hits from 10oz gloves since fighters use such gloves in high level competitions.

  1. Hand wraps or inner gloves

You can train safely without hand wraps, but not as effectively and certainly, not for as long. This is because each punch you throw puts tremendous pressure on your hands. However, if you wear hand wraps, your hands are protected from possibly breaking easily as they are rolls of fabric wrapped around the hand to help absorb the shock and pressure produced by each punch.

If you don’t like how hand wraps fit, you can use inner gloves instead. They do not offer as much protection as hand wraps do, but they’re better than leaving the knuckles bare. They are also very easy to put on and still add an extra layer of protection, which is better than nothing.

  1. Shorts fit for Muay Thai

Since kicks and knees are a huge part of Muay Thai, you’ll want to wear shorts that give your body the much needed flexibility to train and fight well.

In Muay Thai, the shorts have their own distinct style, with the most notable feature being that they are so short. They re also made of satin, making them very comfortable to wear even for hours.

Vale Tudo and MMA style shorts work quite well too, though in competitions, you’ll still have to wear the traditional Muay Thai shorts.

  1. Head, shin, groin and mouth guards

These are all necessary for those who want to take their Muay Thai training to another level and spar frequently.

The head and mouth guards are for the protection of the teeth and head, while the groin is for obvious reasons and the shin provides protection to help allow you to focus on your training and less on the bruises that come after.

Put all these in your training bag and you should be able to focus on making the most out of your Muay Thai sessions, regardless of whatever reason you’re practicing it for.

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