What You’ll Need to Train Muay Thai

Regardless of where you plan on training Muay Thai, chances are, all have generally the same needs.

If you’re interested in taking up a combat sport that’s also known as the “art of eight limbs”, here are a couple of training gears and things that you’ll need to be able to train in it properly.

  • Hand wraps. You’ll need more than a couple of hand-wraps since you’ll need to use one in each training session and will want to use a clean, dry pair for each one. Be sure to clean each hand wrap by soaking it in a water/bleach solution or anti-bacterial solution first before setting it to dry out in the sun to keep bacteria and mold minimal.


  • 16oz gloves. 16oz gloves are widely considered as the most preferred type of gloves for sparring sessions in Muay Thai, as well as MMA. It is advised that you buy your own pair as sharing of equipment can encourage the spreading of bacterial infections like staph and ringworm. Also, keep the insides and outsides of your gloves clean by washing it thoroughly with a bleach-water combination or an anti-bacterial solution after each session.
  • Muay Thai shorts. Different from your typical shorts, Muay Thai shorts are sewn in a different way to allow for better mobility and flexibility, both of which are necessary to excel in the sport. Again, keeping the shorts clean is encouraged through the use of a bleach-water solution and setting it to dry out in the sun.
  • Shin and groin guards. Shin guards, though not necessary for training, can be of tremendous help in sparring sessions. Meanwhile, groin guards are necessary, both in training and sparring sessions for added protection. Keep them clean as you would your gloves and Muay Thai shorts.
  • Mouth guards. In a combat sport where eight points of contact are used, you’ll want to protect your mouth more so than other parts of your body. Wearing a mouth guard can help you do just that. You can either buy one from your local sports store or have one custom-made for you at the dentist’s office.
  • Head guards. This is already self-explanatory.
  • T-shirts and rash-guards. Wearing a rash guard helps prevent skin-to-skin contact with other guests, helping protect you from bacterial infections such as ringworm and staph.
  • Training bag. A bag that’s large enough for you to fit all your gym equipment nicely and neatly is recommended. You’ll also want it to be handy enough for you to conveniently carry it around to-and-fro the Muay Thai gym.
  • Water bottle. Always keep yourself hydrated throughout your training. To help save on the costs and make use of the water-refilling stations usually found in gyms, it’s better to bring your own water bottle and keep it full at all times.

Each one of these things is necessary for you to be able to train properly in Muay Thai.

Make sure to buy all of these so that you’re able to focus solely on your training and not have to worry about anything else.

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